Bill KeelingWilliam “Bill” Keeling was working at Neilson’s ice cream in the sixties, and had a part-time job working nights and weekends for a local janitorial cleaning company. In 1967, he took a risk that has served him well over the past half century, and bought the cleaning business, renaming it A-1 Cleaning Services.

From those humble beginnings, he started out with one cleaning truck, taking over the existing job accounts from his previous employer, where he had scrubbed and refinished floors at local Owen Sound establishments; Kresges, Woolworths, and Walkers. Over time many more job accounts began to accumulate, and staffing grew.

Bill has now passed away but his daughter, Darlene Weston, continues to manage and keep A-1 Janitorial & Cleaning Services Ltd. a successful business rooted in the heart of the Owen Sound community.

Darlene knows the business inside and out, as she grew up along side, as it flourished. A-1 Cleaning and Janitorial always has and will be a family affair! Darlene has run the office and administration since 1980, and now oversees all aspects of the business. She is the friendly voice you hear on the other end of the phone.